More With Less


Some statements are made with ornamentation, others with the absence of it. Minimalist design reduces and subtracts elements to show only what is essential, thus exuding an object's beauty in its simplicity. Explore minimalist designs, and add a little More with Less in your next project, now available at Haute Living.

Ultra 8 Hanging Lamp by Le Deun Luminaires 

Le Deun's "Ultra 8" lamps are the largest offering in the catalog. The massive hanging fixture features seven halos of varying sizes to span 6x2 feet, while still only weighing 12 pounds. The 336 warm LEDs can flood even the largest space with light, while creating a welcoming, illustrious ambiance.

Endless Sofa by Bensen
"Endless" is a modular sofa system with an endless amount of possibilities; This modular sofa, with it’s infinite possible configurations, has a variety of options for modules, terminal pieces, seat depths, and arms heights.
"Endless" has a luxurious seat comprising of coils, memory foam and fiber, which gives an overall effect of a well-proportioned unit floating above the ground applicable for both residential and contract spaces.
With a removable cover, and legs that act as connectors, the Endless is built to last, and enrich any living area, large or small.
Verveine Coffee Table by Lyon Beton


The concrete "Verveine Coffee Table" by Lyon Béton creates a fun and interesting imbalance to the contemporary design of the coffee table with a cubed cement base and a squared glass table top. Allowing your books, magazines, and objets d’art to shine.

Legno Vivo by Riva 1920
"Legno Vivo" is a series of small tables that also function as stools and are made from scented cedar wood. These products are thoroughly natural and the processes of realization have a low impact on the environment. Riva 1920 recycles trees that have fallen from natural causes (such as bad weather conditions) or are due to be part of a scheduled deforestation. Available separately or as a set.
Tactile Sideboard by Punt
"Tactile" is a collection of sideboards and is the winner of the Wall Paper 2008. It is subtly supported at its ends by slender legs with adjustable feet. The door elements include a height-adjustable shelf.
Guest Lounge Chair by La Cividina


Twenty-two elements in different shapes and sizes can be combined to create countless domestic or collective landscapes, characterized by essential lines and soft and full shapes.


Tray Tables by Rimadesio


Elegance and aesthetics finds their expression in every element on the house. Rimadesio widens its collection with a new proposal for the living area.

Available in two heights and six dimensions, the "Tray" coffee tables can be be combined with different materials.


Pallet Daybed by Pulpo


Thinking about the first significant furniture for pulpo with the typical spontaneous, artistic and crafted attitude Sebastian Herkner wanted to design a simple but also well refined daybed. "Pallet" is a daybed with a wooden base and a soft mattress, covered with natural leather. The mattress is fixed to the base with a cuff made of the same leather.


Whiskey Chair by Punt


Chairs and stools with a very ergonomic chair-back and upholstered seat providing comfort and style to every atmosphere. The chairs are stackable and both pieces fit perfectly in any home or facility.


Radii Table by Bensen


Bensen's "Radii" dining table is a stunning solid wood piece, with no metal parts and two custom finishes. The design is defined by thin, beveled edges that cleverly flow through radius cuts to blend with the graceful legs. This sculptural detail gives visual lightness to the top while emphasizing the mass and durability of the table. The clean lines and crisp minimalism make Radii a truly eye catching design in any space.