The Power of Duality

"U Turn" is a modern evolution of the familiar club chair archetype. Its sophisticated form allows it be used in a wide variety of aesthetic environments from traditional to the most modern, and is suitable for contract use.  Its most distinctive visual element is the seat under-cut which provides foot space for greater ease when getting out of the chair. The generously scaled seat, back support, and luxurious seat cushion achieve superb comfort while occupying a surprisingly small footprint.

"Sussex" is a collection of sideboards and TV benches with an exclusive design on the front consisting of horizontal bars that both hide the composition and serve as handles for doors and drawers. The unit rests on a plinth, on adjustable feet or hanging from optional wall-fixing devices. The door elements include a height-adjustable shelf.

Designed to be spacious and expansive, Italian-born, Swedish-based designer Luca Nichetto wanted to minimise anything voluminous and accentuate the look and feel of lightness. Seen in this new version of "Cloud" Sofas with a high back.  The secret to Cloud’s truly hygge sensation involves feather and foam filled seat cushions resting on an upholstered solid wood base. Slim steel legs keep the base “afloat”, with a special coating in black, chrome or bronzed. The cushions along the back are secured in place with a curved shell that extends quite high above your back, constructed from foam wrapped plywood covered in the same textile to match the cushions.

A passion for technology, functionality, and lightness drove designer Patrick Norguet to create the "Kobi" chair. Norguet was inspired by the tradition of iron wire chairs, and designed an elegant, lightweight structure.  "Kobi's" body is a sort of rigorous and enveloping basket, created by woven soldered round steel wire. The support belt, made from cast aluminium, embraces the seat elegantly, totally enveloping the form. The cushion placement is customizable: Choose between a cushion for the seat only, for the seat and back, or a full-shell cushion.

Botha piece of sculpture and a furnishing accessory, "Scancaro" combines art, design and craftsmanship. It is suitable for a host of uses and interpretations, creating a unique composition wherever it is employed.

The sculptural and curvy "Lune"™ design is characteristic of Jaime Hayon. In his quest to capture the intersection of clean Nordic aesthetics and southern elegance, Hayon has paired a playful design with Fritz Hansen’s renowned quality. The functional, modular system offers unlimited possibilities, from a straight two-seater to larger L-shapes, along with chaise longue options. Hayon’s addition of a unique aesthetic dimension to the flexible, modular sofa concept ensures that Lune is not only extremely comfortable but also beautiful from every angle.

The "Isole" modular seating system is a simple, endearing design co-created by Japanese firm Nendo and Italian design studio Nichetto, whose close connection defied the geographical distance between them. A truly unique sofa concept enabling a variety of combinations and configurations, including versions with and without an “island” arm cushion. Variations include a discrete round, square or rectangular side table that integrates beautifully with the overall aesthetics. The impression? Soft, inviting and endearing.

"Mitis" is a collection of tables with a solid appearance and exquisite detail both in the tabletop and in the trestle-like grooved legs. Table supported by adjustable feet.

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