Haute Living Spotlight: Nichetto Studio

Any individual who has an interest in design is familiar with the work that has been produced by Nichetto Studio. The first studio was opened in 2006 by designer Luca Nichetto in Venice, Italy. Five years later the second studio was opened in Stockholm, Sweden. The multidisciplinary design studio has worked with a variety of brands and clients internationally because of their Scandinavian and Italian design influences. 

The studio posesses a deep passion for, and knowledge of, industrial and craft manufacturing processes. This passion can be seen in the magnificent designs they have created for various Haute Living lines. Continue reading below to view and learn more about some of our favorite Nichetto Studio designs. 


You armchair, designed for Coedition, comes to light as the desire to explore a design capable of transmitting a warm feeling, like the familiar and wrapping gesture of a comforting embrace. Available in fabric, with a choice of colors both for the textiles and the stitchings, You’s large seat and backrest infuse the sensation of being held, while its dimensions and curvy lines enable to sit comfortably in different positions, experiencing freely its big hug.



Like a shell moulded around its inhabitant, Pala, designed for Artifort, is a lounge chair that wraps around the body offering a uniquely cozy experience. The pleasantness of its structure with a core in metal and upholstered foam covered in textile of various colors, was designed to harmonically embrace the desire of maintaining a relatively small size while preserving the comfort, quality that’s enhanced by the matching ottoman that hides under his top a tiny storage space. As a result, its reduced dimensions and its gentle rounded silhouette make Pala lounge chair suitable for both domestic and public environments.



Dubois Low, manufactured by De La Espada, is an elegant and timeless bed system that creates a room within a room. Crafted from premium solid hardwood and a range of luxurious fabrics, Dubois Low features a generous expanse of upholstery. Integrated bedside tables are also available, while an optional wraparound headboard allows for a sense of supreme comfort and privacy, making it suitable for residential or commercial environments. With its balance of handcrafted wood and complimentary materials, Dubois Low echoes the delicacy of form of mid-century furniture and architecture.



The Marlon table is an intriguing play of contrasts. Slender marble legs support a solid hardwood or marble table top, creating a robust structure that nonetheless creates an airy impression. The table top’s numerous sections make it easily transportable, while allowing for a distinct and visually striking design detail. As part of the Nichetto collection for De La Espada, Marlon was inspired by the craft and form of American mid-century furniture and architecture.



The Ladle family of armchairs casts a contemporary light on the style, feeling and comfort of classic armchairs of the 1960s. Although each chair features the same soft and spoon-like seat structure, they can each be customised with three different backrests and the same number of legs. The chairs are available in wooden, tube metal or four-spoke swivel and tilt versions. The Ladle family includes small, medium and large variants, and is able to suit spaces of all sizes.



For his Nichetto collection for De La Espada, Luca Nichetto has been reimagining the design language of 1950s American furniture. Kim, a family of nesting tables, is a case in point. Available as a set or as standalone pieces, the three items in the Kim family share common materials, while each having their own distinct form. Simple but with a strong sense of character, Kim’s finished wooden surfaces straddle the boundaries between the natural and the manmade.



Elysia is a lounge chair that perfectly combines superb woodwork with bespoke tailoring. Its solid wood legs support an exceptionally comfortable backrest and seat. The chair’s skeleton is exposed, rather than conventionally concealed, to showcase its fine materials and craftsmanship, as well as its generous proportions. As part of the Nichetto collection for De La Espada, Elysia’s fusion of wood and other materials is inspired by the works of mid-century American architects.


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