Haute Living Spotlight: Brick System by Caccaro

Designed by Simone Cagnazzo the Brick system by Caccaro is an ingenious modular storage unit that has the ability to adapt to any living area. 



The Brick system provides the freedom to develop a personal composition with a broad choice of modules featuring different functions and personalities.


An open front wooden compartment can be added to the composition. As a result of the back panel which is ready to run cables through, the compartment is also designed to house electrical appliances. 


A feature that sets the Brick system apart from similar products is its ability to feature modules on both sides of the design. The modules can be combined to have openings on one side or the other. The versatile feature makes the composition accessible from both sides at the same time. 


With the addition of cushions, a metal base and height adjustable feet, the composition becomes a comfortable bench. 


To see the many possibilities of the Brick system, please watch the video below!

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