Modern Metal

Continuing the exploration of pivots and supports, the "Fulcrum" light is a slimline pendant of chrome or brass cylinders suspended around a central sphere.

Mathieu Matégot's organic forms and lightness of touch create a sense of joy and the ground breaking and innovative techniques that he applied resulted in unique aesthetics and, above all, contemporary designs. Today, Matégot's designs are equally fit for the purpose as when they were originally conceived, and his legendary designs are both timeless and classic.  The "Copacabana" chair is included in the design collection at the Museum of Decoratives Arts in Paris and the design collection at the Georges Pompidou Centre, National Museum of Modern Art, Industrial centre, Beaubourg, Paris.

Two small tables, like big trays, enhance brass and copper chromatic features. A hand-made finishing where material shows its pureness, creating darker shades thanks to a monitored and gradual oxidation. The base, made with délabré iron, sustains the tray-like surface creating a strong chromatic contrast. The "Sunrise&Sunset" collection is provided in two different heights, representing the sun rising and setting on the horizon.

The memory of the old worktables used in craftsman workshops served as Gumdesign's inspiration for the "Mastro," a table for the home or the office. The table is made with an acid-etched iron sheet, folded to hold the two fir wood trestle. This creates a visible slot on the trestle, the defining characteristic of "Mastro."  To minimize the table's footprint when not in use, the trestles may be removed, spun, and stored horizontally under the metal top.

Phase Design's "Bride's Veil" chair features the stunning metal work that is so prevalent throughout their catalog, topped off with a cushy in customizable fabric.

While Bauhaus and Modernism continue to be an inspiration for the studio, with the "Laurent collection", Lambert & Son takes a distinctly contemporary track.  The studio distills a globe during its duality between sphere and circle to its essence. In keeping with its commitment to work with local, skilled trades, the team said to the expertise of a Quebec glass blower to craft this latest piece. An adjustable suspension system of wires and anchors allows the final form to vary, from a pure, minimalist orb to something more intricate and Art Deco. "Our research focused on the surface and the form. Here, the globe acts as the link between the two, "says Samuel Lambert, the studio's founder and lead designer. The various variations make it an apt lighting fixture for the home as well as for applications in the public realm where Laurent can really take on its fullest dimension through a rhythmic repetition.

"Turi Turi" is an unusual coffee table in four versions, which differ from each other in diameter and height.

"Tulip family" is a modern update on the classic lamp, available in three heights. Steel rods, painted or gold-plated, give shape to the base, while the familiar lampshade diffuses light. Designed by Autoban and manufactured by De La Espada for the Autoban brand.

The "Slim Sissi" chair, designed by Maurizio Peregalli, is a low-profile, high-style chair. Its geometric base and seat inject any modern space with a hint of industrial flair.

Modular furniture in timeless designs is now available with Quick Ship delivery. USM "Haller," a modern design classic made in Switzerland since 1963, continually represents high quality, precision and growth into the spaces of your future.  Lead-time: 6-8 weeks from order placement.  Price: $2,081

Le Deun's "Micro" lamps provide direct and indirect light through their thick brass structures, which can be coated with 24K Gold or plated nickel. The 48 LEDs create a brilliant, warm glow that can make any space more inviting.

Christoph Seyferth originally designed the "Lloyd" table for the avant-garde Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam. Visit and you’ll spot "Lloyd" tables in the hotel’s guest rooms, common spaces, and restaurant.  Since the hotel’s opening in 2004, the has become regarded as an exemplar of smart Dutch design. It’s elegant and versatile, sturdy, and poetic.  The steel top allows Lloyd to be exceptionally stable. The metal flexes to accommodate uneven surfaces – all four legs always touch the floor. What’s more, plastic caps on the legs keeps floors safe from scratches.

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