The Power Of The Curve

The award winning "Big Bubble", is a stunning light made of hand blown glass which makes each piece truly unique.

The world-renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has worked together with Republic of Fritz Hansen to create today’s answer to tomorrow’s easy chair. A chair where you can find room for your inner space and take a break from the hectic bustle of everyday life. The "Ro" was launched at Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan.  For a more vibrant look, the chair features two different textures: one for the seat shell and one for the cushions, which supports the contrasted expression of the hard shell and the warm and soft interior.

Available in bronze with satin brass.

Jaime Hayon's "FAVN" comes in nine unique designer selections with a mix of three fabrics: one fabric for the shell, one for the seat and back cushions, and the third fabric is applied to the small decorative cushions.  Its name comes from the Danish word for embrace, and represents its level of comfort.  The sofa is also available as a single fabric version. The range of accessories include loose decorative cushions and large felt glides for soft floors. A set of large glides is always included upon delivery.

“In a world where everyone is rushing around mega multi-tasking, to sit at an ordinary desk feels so static,” says Spanish artist / designer Jaime Hayon. “I felt compelled to design a desk with a feeling of motion, inspired by the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder. Balancing various shapes and materials at various heights supported by a metal frame. In theory it’s like a mobile but in reality it’s a desk.”  Each Palette Desk partners two shapes together: an elongated bean shape with a simple round shape. The two merge a marvelous mix of regal materials available in three different combinations. For the table tops, choose from polished Nero Marquina marble or honed Bianco Carrara marble, satin polished brass or stained ash veneer in black, red or grey-green. The base is made from welded and powder coated steel tubes, adding a contemporary touch to this collage of contrasts.

"Catch," Jaime Hayon’s first contribution to &tradition’s collection, is a chair that welcomes you with open arms. Its armrests extend from the shell like literal limbs, ready to embrace you as you sit down.  In addition to being a witty personification, it is also an eye-catching piece of design. Serpentine lines give it a playful lightness that is counterbalanced by a sturdy, well-balanced base and legs that ensure maximum comfort. The shell offers comfort alongside great variability.  With multiple textile and leather upholstery options available and two different options for the legs (wooden or swivel), "Catch" can be adapted to almost any color scheme.  In the 1980s, Hayon was interested in skating and graffiti culture, which had an impact on the playful, detailed, colorful, and humorist elements in his design style.

Inspired originally by the form of a cactus and its modular shape, the various parts of the "Elements" collection resemble a functional sculpture: As beautiful as the cactus, but extremely versatile in their combinations and use.  The "005" is an upholstered poof with internal storage.  Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid in 1974. Times magazine included Hayon as one of the 100 most relevant creators of our time, and Wallpaper magazine has listed him as one of the most influential creators of the last decade.  His vision blurs the lines between art, decoration, and design bringing back a renaissance in finely-crafted, intricate objects within the context of contemporary design culture: creating furniture, product, interiors, sculptures, and art Installations.

Twenty-two elements in different shapes and sizes can be combined to create countless domestic or collective landscapes, characterized by essential lines and soft and full shapes.

Roderick Vos' "Isola" table is based on the powerful, organic shapes of cut tree trunks. Vos' goal was to create a piece that sits in contrast to the typical geometric shape of dining and coffee tables that are so prevalent in contemporary design. To balance the organic nature of the top, the legs are designed in a more linear way, blending the two design languages in into a natural, effortless design. The table is available at varying dimensions to accommodate dining and living spaces alike.

 It’s certainly a keen project intuition to convert a table or a bedside table lamp, that awakens the old pleasure of a candle holder to bring to the sleeping room, into a floor lamp only extending its structure, or into a one or two-armed wall lamp and even into a two level hanging lamp.  The design of these lamps changes endlessly, as the relationship of these objects with the house keeps changing. The welded brass tubes combine to the aluminium lampshade to form intersections, webs, constellations. The illusory simplicity turns into a mighty design. Living together is not always successful, but the design here is as agreeable as a well set table. There are no secret, or maybe, they are only hidden below the lampshade.

The "Felix" armchair by Gijs Papavoine is a swivel chair with classic characteristics: protection, comfort, and respect. These characteristics are translated into a modern design with a touch of humor and extensive upholstered details.

Designer Brodie Neill's interest in form is highlighted by the "Curve" bench, as seen in its wavy base cutout. The curvature highlights both the color and grain of the natural cedar. "Curve" is also available with a small leather cushion.

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