The Profoundness of Less

A beautifully tapered stem balances a perfect white glass orb with our plumb weight.

"Float" is a coffee table with an impressive aluminum cone reflecting in the mirrored surface base. This inverted cone appears to float, creating a puzzling sensation of lightness around this special and sculptural piece of furniture.

Part floor lamp, part conversation piece, the fully swiveling arms of the Open Mic Light allow for endless shapes and sculptural compositions. Included tube filament bulbs give off an intriguing orange glow, yet the fixture is compatible with any screw-base bulb.

Clean lines, harmonious proportions and intriguing angles all unify to form the "Maxell" chair. The unique Y-shaped upholstered body floats effortlessly between a frame of solid walnut arms. The chair combines sleek lines and purposeful comfort. A small pillow accents the chair and adds an inviting touch of relaxation.

Twenty-two elements in different shapes and sizes can be combined to create countless domestic or collective landscapes, characterized by essential lines and soft and full shapes.

 "The Barrens" table is available as an entirely-wood structure or as the "Inverted Barrens" with glass top.

Soft but sturdy, "My" is designed to be casual, relaxed seating. "My" is perfect for watching TV, reading a book, or just lounging around the home. The filling of these practical chairs is a mixture of materials that is guaranteed to stay in shape. "My" is available in "My Lounge," "Mini My" and "Rest My."

The "Heron" table lamp features an adjustable head that can be tilted 25 degrees and rotated 340 degrees.

Figuratively speaking only, "Presso" is a table that you just can’t get yourself around. Designed by Patrick Norguet, its central conical plastic column supports an elegant round table top. This eye-catching, smooth column provides a beautiful contrast to the table top, which can be either lacquered, laminated, or veneered. The table top is available with a smooth coating, laminated, or veneered. A unique object that provides oceans of space at home or at work.

"U Turn" is a modern evolution of the familiar club chair archetype. Its sophisticated form allows it be used in a wide variety of aesthetic environments from traditional to the most modern, and is suitable for contract use.  Its most distinctive visual element is the seat under-cut which provides foot space for greater ease when getting out of the chair. The generously scaled seat, back support, and luxurious seat cushion achieve superb comfort while occupying a surprisingly small footprint.

"Hexa 1" is a geometric pendant lamp the provides direct and indirect light. The fixture is available in e

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