Designer Spotlight: Jaime Hayon

The world of Jaime Hayon is a vast one, rooted in bold, whimsical imagery and a value of artisanal skill. As a teenager, Hayon found inspiration in graffiti art and skateboard culture. He went on to study industrial design in Madrid and Paris and began his professional career at Fabrica in Italy, where he soon rose to head of the Design Department.

Hayon established his own practice, Hayon Studio, in 2000. He began with the production of designer toys, ceramics and then furniture before falling into interior design and larger-scale installations. Hayon's vision blurs the line between art, decoration and design. He has been named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 "most relevant creators of our time" and Wallpaper magazine has listed him as one of the "most influential creators of the last decade."

Continue reading to explore Jaime Hayon design progression and creation of pieces for Haute Living brands including Moooi, &tradition, and Fritz Hansen.




Hayon drew his inspiration for the Moooi Elements series from the form of the cactus: a modular, organic shape with extreme versatility and an array of combinations and uses. The series includes Elements 001, a simple wooden tray that pairs perfectly with Elements 005, a table/storage ottoman with removal top that is ideal for serving drinks.

Other elements in the collection include a vase (Elements 003), side table (Elements 002), small mirror (Elements 004), ottoman with removable top (Elements 006), and fiberglass table (Elements 007). 




"I wanted to create a form that embraces you, something really organic – that’s why we named it FAVN. At the same time I wanted to explore a technique – I always focus on techniques. It looks really simple, but it’s really complex." - Jaime Hayon

From conception to final product, the Favn sofa was designed by Hayon with a specific intent. Named from the Danish word for "embrace," Favn encompasses high levels of comfort with a stylish, surrounding shape. Favn draws contrast and interest in its upholstery, selected with intention by the designer himself. Available in three unique color combinations, the sofa is upholstered with three fabrics: one for the shell, one for the seat and back cushions, and a third for the small decorative cushions.

Designer Selections include combinations in light pink, black and light grey. Favn may also be sourced in a single fabric version from Fritz Hansen's large array of materials.




The Catch chair was Jaime Hayon's first contribution to the &tradition collection. Its unique design catches you with open arms; extending armrests stretch like literal limbs to embrace the user. Catch is equally beautiful as it is witty. A visually light design, it is counterbalanced by a sturdy base that may be sourced in either wood or a swivel pedestal. Catch may also be upholstered in a variety of fabrics and leathers, allowing it fit into a variety of interiors.




“In typical Jaime Hayon style, these Paper Lanterns challenge convention,” notes &tradition Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. “Seen in an ultra light pendant lamp of rice paper, echoing ancient lanterns from Asia - reinvented in a modern aesthetic.”

Hayon's creation of the Formakami lamps were directly inspired the rice paper lanterns used by the privileged and the poor for centuries. The varied lamps all encourage a play of light; they are subdued but also feature an open bottom for more direct light. Ranging in diameter from 18" to 27.5" and built from ivory rice paper and black stained oak, each Formakami pendant is a delicate combination of the past and present.



A follow-up to the successful wingback Ro Chair for Fritz Hansen, the Fri Chair is a little brother of sorts. A short back and enveloping arms allow the user to view and interact with their surroundings. Fri is a strong but subtle presence in an interior. 

Again, Hayon offers this upholstered piece in a range of Designer Selections fabrics, including options in dark green, blue, burgundy, sand brown, or grey with matching powder-coated legs, as well as light pink or mint green with aluminum legs.



Released alongside the Fri, the relatively-new Sammen chair boasts the signature organic lines of a Hayon design with notable playfulness. A modern dining chair, Sammen takes up very little space around the dining table and provides comfort for extended periods of use, thanks to its warm wooden legs and padded seat and back.

Sammen may be sourced either as a side or armchair in blue, burgundy, dark green, grey, yellow, or light pink.



A larger part of the Palette series, the Palette lounge table,  was inspired by the sculptures of Alexander Calder and takes on a sculptural quality itself. Each Palette table combines a variety of overlapping shapes and materials to create a table with high visual interest. Three different design and color combinations are available.

In addition to the lounge table, the multi-level Palette desk is equally suited as a workstation or entryway table.




As the most recent Jaime Hayon addition to the &tradition collection, the Passepartout lamps are versatile pieces meant to suit the needs of a variety of spaces. They may be used to create lighting for large, expensive spaces in groups or singularly for a cozy residential or working environment. Each Passepartout emits a gentle, calming light from an LED source, ensuring high quality and energy efficiency. 

Three shapes are available, each in a unique finish. Matte white, satin polished brass, and polished aluminum create a decorative touch without drawing too much attention to the fixture itself. 

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