Embrace Your Soft Side

The Dutch name Montis is intrinsically linked with comfort. Explore the brand's newest pieces, in addition to classic projects that exemplify its tradition of following form with function.

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Arflex Design in Space

A historic Italian design force, Arflex continues to remain ahead of its time working with influential international architects and designers who divorce themselves from the traditional labels of design. Continue reading to see how Arflex can enhance your project.

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Viccarbe Design In Space

Quality over quantity is more than a saying, but a guiding principle for Viccarbe. See how strict standards and a strong vision lead to lounge furniture that exceeds the standard. Continue reading to see how Viccarbe can enhance your project.

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Different Countries, Distinct Design

Although colored by its creators, design, like art, is universal. Continue reading to explore four new brands from around the world, now available at Haute Living.

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Double Duty: Accessories That Do More

We often work overtime, so why shouldn't the products we love? From sculptures with an inspiring message, to planters that double as partitions, continue reading to explore accessories that do more than just look good.

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