Swan Italia Design in Space

Swan's mission is to always be “looking at the past to design the present with ideas that look toward the future.”  This philosophy is embodied by Swan’s entire range, from initial concept to final production. Continue reading to see Swan's beautiful products in space.

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Inspired Design: A Lesson in Geometry

Geometric motifs are cropping up throughout collections in ways that reinterpret classic, basic shapes into pieces that are part mathematical, part art, and wholly inspiring. Continue reading to see some of these multi-faceted designs available now at Haute Living.

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Lighten Up: A New Trend in Statement Lamps

Lighting is taking an unexpected turn in 2015, with expressions that are simultaneously austere and organic.

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New Year, New Brands

The new year is a time to refresh and renew, and Haute Living is vitalizing its collection with new brands in 2015.

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Matthew Hilton Design in Space

Nothing-- not even conceptual design --exists in a vacuum. That's why renowned British designer Matthew Hilton draws inspiration from the forms that have lasted through centuries, adjusting them in ways that modernize tried-and-true designs and manufacturing techniques. With a link to the past without becoming stagnant and an originality without leaping too far forward, his designs are created with the end user in mind.

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