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Imagine a Victorian home: Vast windows complete with lavish molding. Dramatic arched doorways leading to spaces filled with texture and delicate detailing. Vibrant. Charming.

Now, imagine hosting a 21st Century party among the historic interior architecture: Fast music playing over a series of speakers. Quick conversations taking place in spaces filled with a mixture of senses. Vivid. Bold.

It is an act that would require a graceful balance of classical and modernity.

In an unexpected welcome, Moooi has managed to strike this exact balance in its design aesthetic. (Perhaps it is not a coincidence that Unexpected Welcome was the name of Moooi's collection debuted in Milan last year.)

Moooi, the Dutch word for beautiful, but with an added "o" that represents exceptional beauty, was founded in 2001 by Casper Vissers and Marcel Wanders. With a desire to synthesize culture, technology, and human needs, Moooi has developed an always daring and innovative range of furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Wanders serves as creative director, and the company collaborates with a series of international designers, including Studio Job and Jaime Hayon. Moooi operates on the principle that design is a question of love, spinning the beloved character of antiques into fresh designs built for the modern world. Throughout the collection, a variety of patterns and colors come into play.

Moooi's collection is highly expressive and always makes a statement. Continue reading to see how Moooi can enhance your current or future project.

Source: Moooi Photo by: Peer Lindgreen

The Andaz hotel in Amsterdam sits in the vibrant heart of the city, designed to eliminate the stress that sometimes is a byproduct of international travel. A Boutiqe sofa in a soft yellow print creates a luxurious space to unwind, while the tufted Monster dining chair provides an equally comfortable dining expereince. An unobtrusive Frame displays complementing artwork.

Source: Moooi Photo by: Francis Vauban

Another spot for lavish stays is the B-apart hotels in Belgium, which has completely outfitted its rooms with Moooi furnishings. This space sports a plush Botique sofa, Carbon chair, and Smoke dining chair. The Smoke chair, designed by Maarten Baas, is "furniture finished with fire," a traditional-looking dining chair set ablaze before being lacquered. Due to the characteristics of burning wood, each piece is unique. To finish the look of the room, the Frame holds reading material, and The Killing of The Piggy Bank vase adds a touch of humor.

Source: Moooi

Moooi's style is also a great addition to private residences. Here, a monochromatic look is enhanced with the rich texture of the Monster dining chair, Non-random hanging lamp, and Delft Blue No. 6 vase. The Non-Random lamp is a structural fixture designed by Bertjan Pot to resemble a Japenese green tea whisk.

Source: Moooi

The Carbon chair, made from carbon fiber, has a small visual imprint thanks to its net-like appearance, and the Two Tops table provides a hidden workspace and storage. Both are critical characteristics in small spaces, like in the Tribeca loft pictured.

Source: Moooi

The Hotel Chateau in the Netherlands dedicates an entire suite to Moooi's Paper collection. Pictured is the Paper wardrobe, Paper chandelier, and Paper mirror. The Paper line was created by Studio Job as an ode to classical style and a basic, underappreciated material. Each piece is lightweight and surprisingly durable.

Source: Moooi Photo by: Nicole Marnati

Moooi designed the interior of the Wolfslaar-- a regional and seasonally based restaurant in Breda -- to embrace the space's personality. Olive green Monster dining chairs and a Container table with wooden top reflect the space's past as a coach house but also keep it current.

Source: Moooi

The Restaurant D.O in Bilbao, Spain employs Moooi to acheive a different ambiance. With the hand-woven cage Emperor suspension lamps, the dining space becomes chic and elegant.

Source: Moooi

Source: Moooi Photo by: Federico Garcia Barba

Source: Moooi

Source: Moooi Photo by: Amit Geron
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