Montis Design in Space

All photos source: Montis

Inspiration is often drawn from history, whether directly and consciously, or subtly and subconsciously. Take, for instance, how Italian Renaissance artists were inspired by ancient forms, or how modern artists rebelled against those same tenets of classic art.

Montis displays its design inspiration by staying true to its roots of Scandinavian design, whose aesthetic is typified by minimal, light creations designed to make life better and more beautiful for all-- true democratic design.

Montis designs furniture for the cosmopolitan world, meaning it is not only handsome, but functional and imbued with personal, human touches. This is possible thanks in part to the creative minds of designers such as Niels BendtsenGijs Papavoine, and Bertjan Pot, and a combination of handcraftsmanship and technological innovation. 

In 1996, Montis pioneered the use of moulded foam, also known as cold foam, which had previously only been used in the automobile industry. The unique material not only grants freedom of design, but also allows for the creation of fragile shapes without using adhesives. Montis also pioneered the upholstery technique by which each piece is "given its jacket" -- craftsmen hand stitch and manually fit the shell with its covering.

This has led to the birth of a portfolio characterized by sweeping lines, distinct profiles, and timeless designs. With Gijs Papavoine as creative director, Montis continues to push past the boundaries of the expected, adding decidely Dutch details-- think quirky, anthropodic chair bases and subtle touches of humor-- to classic forms. 

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Although the Felix chair recalls classic silhouettes of the past, designer Gijs Papavoine injected the loungechair with design elements that add a touch of humor, such as curved arms and an angular, spider-like base. In brown leather, the chairs exude a masculine quality, but when paired with the wool-knit Beanie poofs, the space achieves a warm, comfortable atmosphere. 

Like a buttercup you can sit in, the Ella chair by Niels Bendsten unfolds its geometric sides to create a distinctive shape that is simultaneously roomy enough to lounge in and compact enough for smaller spaces. 

The Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam is a luxury 5-star hotel that overlooks the river Maas and the Netherlands' second-largest city's skyline. The hotel's interior, designed by Feran Thomassen, is unique: each floor's decor represents a different continent. Despite the differences in design, the hotel is outfitted throughout by Montis, highlighting the line's range and versatility. The moudlar Domino sofa offers a space to unwind and watch the boats meander down the river; the Dickens lounge chair is a cozy spot to read a book; and the mod Mick stool furnishes the bar area with a minimal, comfortable seating option that doesn't detract from the views created by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Order us another round.

In a similar vein, the Hotel Dux, located in the heart of Roermond, furnishes its sleeping quarters and Brasserie with Montis. The Dux is a stylish new brick-facade, nestled between historic buildings that sit on the river Roer. The Charly chair, with its oversized frame and simple shape, easily integrates into the transitional space. In the Brasserie, the petal-like back of the Lotus M, a variant of the Lotus chair, provides a feminine contrast to dark woods and leathers.

Neon green is a bold design decision, but the seemingly weightless appearance of the Calla dining chair keeps the color from becoming overwhelming. Plus, the white Spica dining chairs balance the springy shade. Both chairs sit atop a sprightly base that creates a sense of movement within a static scene.

Depending on the configuration and materials chosen, the best-selling Axel sofa can take on many personalities. On the left, its warm, brown leather pairs with rich shades of blues and greys to create a more masculine feel. On the right, a sandy-hued version completes the airy, laidback environment.

The Domino sofa is effortlessly cool in the ultra-stylish Pentahotel in Prague, designed by Matteo Thun. An almost endless number of configurations can be created with Domino's many modules. Because the arm and backrests offer the same comfort on both sides, a multi-directional seating arrangement is possible, meaning Domino is ideal for lounge rooms, lobbies, waiting areas, or game rooms.

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