Le Deun Luminaires Design in Space

Let there be light.

For Jean-Luc le Deun, photographer and founder of Le Deun Luminaires, the forces of light and dark have always been a matter of art-- the medium has simply changed. Where light was once an integral ingredient in the outcome, it now takes center stage as final product.

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Moooi Design in Space

Imagine a Victorian home: Vast windows complete with lavish molding. Dramatic arched doorways leading to spaces filled with texture and delicate detailing. Vibrant. Charming. Now, imagine hosting a 21st Century party among the historic interior architecture: Fast music playing over a series of speakers. Quick conversations taking place in spaces filled with a mixture of senses. Vivid. Bold. It is an act that would require a graceful balance of tradition and modernity. In an unexpected welcome, Moooi has managed to strike this exact balance in its design aesthetic.

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Carl Hansen & Son Design in Space

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the strongest.

In 1908, Carl Hansen took one simple idea-- that a combination of elevated craftsmanship and rational means of production could yield high-quality furniture at accessible prices-- and built his eponymous company on it.

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Montis Design in Space

Inspiration is often drawn from history, whether directly and consciously, or subtly and subconsciously. Take, for instance, how Italian Renaissance artists were inspired by ancient forms, or how pop artists rebelled against those same tenets of classic art.

Montis displays its design inspiration by staying true to its roots of Scandinavian design, whose aesthetic is typified by minimal, light creations designed to make life better and more beautiful for all-- true democratic design.

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