USM Modular Furniture Design in Space

All photos source: USM

Form follows function.

For USM Modular Furniture, this is less of an overused adage and more of an integral part of company history.

The company, which began under Ulrich Schaerer as a hardware and locksmith business, was expanded in 1961 by grandson Paul from a manually-oriented factory to a full-fledged modern industrial plant.

USM’s new headquarters was a modular building designed by Swiss architect Fritz Haller. Its composition—a grid of windows in varying heights—inspired Haller and Schaerer to create a flexible, adaptable storage system that could expand as the company did.

The result was the 1963 creation of the revolutionary Haller Systems. Today, the collection encompasses options that can be used in everything from home or office filing systems, to retail glass display shelves; media consoles and beside tables, to operating room storage cabinets - the applications are almost infinite.

Each of these options was born from a simple concept: a ball, connecting tubes, and panels. These seemingly simple and underappreciated elements come together to create a custom design for every individual space and need.

In addition, USM’s portfolio includes tables, desks, and display shelves.

Continue reading to see how the true versatility of USM products in both commercial and residential spaces.

At the Seasame headquarters in New York, the Haller storage showcase in white provides brand-appropriate contempoary storage while still focusing the attention where it should be: the colorful cast of beloved Seasame Street characters.

Equally as colorful, Lawyer Marcus Ulrich Dillmann uses custom-designed storage units to store volumes of books and hang his files. They hang like men's shirts, creating a cascade of rainbow-hued files that double as a focal point of his office in the Limburg, Germany Art Nouveau building.

Capitale, Leipzig, Germany's most exclusive shoe store, uses a pure white Haller system as the stage for designs by the biggest names in the industry, from Cavalli to McCartney.

Swedish visual designer Alexander Gächter designed his 3-meter (10-foot) Haller media cabinet with the original goal of finding stylish CD storage, but its multiple modules, depth, and options for drawers and sliding shelves make it endlessly adaptable to an artist's needs.

Drawing inspiration from nearby art galleries, Coiffeur Hair Salon owner Stephane Rebillard designed his USM Haller unit to not only store retail product but to provide a pop of color that sit in contrast to the rustic wood-beam walls.

To brighten up its workplaces, the Professional Engineering Company, headquarted in Wellington, New Zealand, installed bright, primary-colored USM Haller systems for storage. The golden yellow Haller tables inject a bit of sunshine into the office.

Because of its durable and flexible material, the Haller storage system can be used virtually anywhere, like as a shower caddy in this private home.

At the Duperré Academy of Applied Art in Paris, the Haller system is used in a variety of applications: as storage, sewing stations, and workspaces. In addition, the neutral units are occassionally used for displays in student exhibitions, meaning the students' work is never outshone by the furniture.


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