Interstuhl Design in Space

A change in schedule. A missed train or delayed flight. A sudden turn of the weather. Life is defined by our ability to adapt. The products we use to navigate life and its inevitable bumps in the road should, too.

Interstuhl, a family-run German design company, takes this statement to heart, and to the heart of its products: ergonomically designed chairs. Because we so often spend long periods of time tucked behind a desk or into table, every Interstuhl chair is designed with the body in mind and is created to facilitate active sitting. 

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USM Modular Furniture Design in Space

Form follows function. For USM Modular Furniture, this is less of an overused adage and more of an integral part of company history.

The company, which began under Ulrich Schaerer as a hardware and locksmith business, was expanded in 1961 by grandson Paul from a manually-oriented factory to a full-fledged modern industrial plant.

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Vioski Design in Space

Modern design as we know it is dynamic. It is an ever-changing landscape that conforms to few rules, yet continuously forges just as many of its own. It is rare, though, for a singular design to be able to do the same.

Enter Jeff Vioski, the creative vision behind the L.A.-based Vioski. His pieces, such as the Shea sectional and Isola lounge, are designed with flexibility as the core tenent of the creation.

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The Republic of Fritz Hansen Design in Space

The Republic of Fritz Hansen™ is not merely in the furniture business, it is in the business of creating classics.

The company’s official history begins in 1872, when cabinet-maker Fritz Hansen obtained a trade license in Copenhagen. In 1885, Hansen, along with his son, established a furniture production company. Within a few short years, Fritz Hansen’s order resume included The University Library, Copenhagen City Hall, and The Supreme Court.

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