John Ford Design in Space

All photos source: John Ford

Passion. Expression. Tradition. Just as the things we are capable of creating vary from person to person, so do the forces that drive us to create.

Oftentimes, it is not a solitary force, but many that work together.

Take, for example, the WB chair by L.A.-based designer John Ford, which was born from watching his son’s fascination with gazelles. The animal’s profile  lean, agile, and strong – is translated into a solid wood chair that masterfully uses a curved, solid wood ribbon as both backrest and armrest.

But the ability to create substance from sketches was fostered from a young age in Ford; he's been involved in building/woodworking since he was seven. Ford went on to Art Center College of Design to study drawing and painting – mostly the human form.

With compelling, sculpturally conceived designs, Ford crafts pieces that tiptoe between the lines of sculpture and function. Ford approaches modern furniture design with an eye towards the future, using the most advanced wood engineering and machining technology, as well as traditional joinery and finishing methods. 

His passion  and the reason behind is work  is an endless search for a harmonious blend of expression, innovation, and humbleness. To design a wood chair that supports a person as they eat or work is only one part of the puzzle. The rest is designing a wood chair that pushes the limits of our design imaginations.

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Because of the challenge of creating a new, innovative chair, Ford has said they are a favorite of his to design. The sculptural essence of his works allow the beauty of the natural material to shine through: Wood is outside trend and therefore makes Ford's pieces contemporary classics apt for simple designs and spaces. 

Much like his other pieces, John Ford's SB stool strikes a balance between art and function. With acute angles and tilt, the stool almost appears off kilter but is a comfortable, sturdy seating option that is at home in any modern space.

The SF tables' edges are, remarkably, both linear and curved, playing with the visual impact the tables make in a space.

The KR sideboard is a deceptively complex storage solution. The geometric design allows for both hidden storage and for the display of vases, photographs, or artwork. The immaculate proportions and construction are of typical John Ford fashion and make handsome additions to any contemporary space.

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