John Ford Design in Space

Passion. Expression. Tradition. Just as the things we are capable of creating vary from person to person, so do the forces that drive us to create. Oftentimes, it is not a solitary force, but many that work together.

Take, for example, the WB Chair by L.A.-based designer John Ford, which was born from watching his son’s fascination with gazelles. The animal’s profile -- lean, agile, and strong – is translated into a solid wood chair that masterfully uses a curved, solid wood ribbon as both backrest and armrest.

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Introducing Jake Dyson's Ariel Down Light

Jake Dyson's Ariel Down Light, inspired by the first all-British satellite 'Ariel 1,'  is revolutionary in its use of space age technology and cutting-edge LED lights. See how this light can change the way you illuminate your world.

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Lema Design in Space

The spaces we come into contact with every day must do more than exist as a curation of finely crafted objects. They must accommodate our preferences, anticipate our needs, fit into our schedules.  As Lema Art Director Piero Lissoni puts it, the spaces we visit, live, and work in must be decidedly human spaces. A seamless sense of ease between person and product creates comfortable environments that transcend design for the mere sake of design.


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