Thinking Outside the Box By Redefining It

Storage can be surprisingly well-designed and become part of the interior landscape, rather than just a piece meant for holding and hiding our books, clothes, and gadgets.

USM's Haller system transforms the tradtional, boxy storage solutions into sleek, sophisticated options-- and offers more unconventional storage pieces.

Explore them here.

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Woodnotes Design in Space

In the spirit of Finnish design, Woodnotes encapsulates the pure simplicity and authenticity of nature. Every product incorporates natural materials with honest, pure lines. What results is a comprehensive collection characterized by geometrical figures and original design.

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Verpan Design in Space

In the midst of functionalist and minimalist Scandinavian design, Verner Panton was an explosion of color and personality.

At the time Panton was designing in Denmark-- during the 1960s and 70s --strong, clean lines, light woods, and tradition dominated the landscape. Panton, whose geometrical furniture designs for Arne Jacobsen's architectural firm had garnered early attention, wildly disregarded these tenets.

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