Arflex Design in Space

A historic Italian design force, Arflex continues to remain ahead of its time working with influential international architects and designers who divorce themselves from the traditional labels of design. Continue reading to see how Arflex can enhance your project.

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Trade Promotion Extended!

Now through March 31st, trade clients will enjoy special pricing.



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Viccarbe Design In Space

Quality over quantity is more than a saying, but a guiding principle for Viccarbe. See how strict standards and a strong vision lead to lounge furniture that exceeds the standard. Continue reading to see how Viccarbe can enhance your project.

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Different Countries, Distinct Design

Although colored by its creators, design, like art, is universal. Continue reading to explore four new brands from around the world, now available at Haute Living.

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Double Duty: Accessories That Do More

We often work overtime, so why shouldn't the products we love? From sculptures with an inspiring message, to planters that double as partitions, continue reading to explore accessories that do more than just look good.

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Alias Design in Space

Minimal yet expressive, Alias Design creates pieces that live up to the "Made in Italy" label. Its entire range adheres to the Alias principles of technological lightness, versatility, and innovation, all expressed through timeless design. Continue reading to see how Alias can enhance your project.

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Cane-line Design in Space

Danish design tackles outdoor living, bringing a Nordic flair that reinvents patio furniture. Continue reading to see how Cane-line can enhance your design project.

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A Commitment to Ethical Design

Challenging the norms of consumer culture with brands dedicated to bettering standard business strategies. Continue reading to explore the brands, and for a look into their practices.

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Swan Italia Design in Space

Swan's mission is to always be “looking at the past to design the present with ideas that look toward the future.”  This philosophy is embodied by Swan’s entire range, from initial concept to final production. Continue reading to see Swan's beautiful products in space.

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Inspired Design: A Lesson in Geometry

Geometric motifs are cropping up throughout collections in ways that reinterpret classic, basic shapes into pieces that are part mathematical, part art, and wholly inspiring. Continue reading to see some of these multi-faceted designs available now at Haute Living.

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Lighten Up: A New Trend in Statement Lamps

Lighting is taking an unexpected turn in 2015, with expressions that are simultaneously austere and organic.

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New Year, New Brands

The new year is a time to refresh and renew, and Haute Living is vitalizing its collection with new brands in 2015.

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Matthew Hilton Design in Space

Nothing-- not even conceptual design --exists in a vacuum. That's why renowned British designer Matthew Hilton draws inspiration from the forms that have lasted through centuries, adjusting them in ways that modernize tried-and-true designs and manufacturing techniques. With a link to the past without becoming stagnant and an originality without leaping too far forward, his designs are created with the end user in mind.

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Bright Ideas: Lighting Inspiration

Bad lighting is instantly recongnizable. Think about stark, flourscent classroom or airport lighting: Often cold, clinical, and harsh, the unwelcoming glows create spaces we'd rather rush from than relax in. But good lighting can have an equally strong effect in the opposite reading. See some of Haute Living's favorite fixtures here.

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Staying Ahead of the Curve

The spectrum of sofa design has, for years, been polarized by two extremes. On one end, there's the over-stuffed, ornately upholstered and decorated traditional sofas. On the other, there's modular, extremely modern, and low-laying sofas. But, as living spaces become more multi-dimensional, design cannot be approached from one angle.  That's where circular sofas-- which sit somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum-- find their place.

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Thinking Outside the Box By Redefining It

Storage can be surprisingly well-designed and become part of the interior landscape, rather than just a piece meant for holding and hiding our books, clothes, and gadgets.

USM's Haller system transforms the tradtional, boxy storage solutions into sleek, sophisticated options-- and offers more unconventional storage pieces.

Explore them here.

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Woodnotes Design in Space

In the spirit of Finnish design, Woodnotes encapsulates the pure simplicity and authenticity of nature. Every product incorporates natural materials with honest, pure lines. What results is a comprehensive collection characterized by geometrical figures and original design.

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Verpan Design in Space

In the midst of functionalist and minimalist Scandinavian design, Verner Panton was an explosion of color and personality.

At the time Panton was designing in Denmark-- during the 1960s and 70s --strong, clean lines, light woods, and tradition dominated the landscape. Panton, whose geometrical furniture designs for Arne Jacobsen's architectural firm had garnered early attention, wildly disregarded these tenets.

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Fferrone Installation at Haute Living

Art and design are vehicles well-suited for raising awareness and funds for charitable causes, as well as providing an eye into contemporary culture and values. For the past five years, Chicago Magazine's Chairs for Charity event has invited local designers to reimagine classic chairs that are then donated to be auctioned off to support a local charity. This years charity was Designs for Dignity.

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Best of Interieur 2014

Haute Living's top picks from the 24th International Biennale Interieur, hosted in Kortrijk, Belgium.

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