Toulemonde Bochart rugs show an enlightenment of design that reflects both progressive visions and an acknowledgement of the past. The company was a derivative of a family textile business, founded in the early 1970s. By the 1980s, the company had already established complete collections of carpets by top designers, as well as lines by promising young designers wishing to work with a versatile product. For 40 years, Toulemonde Bochart has been creating strong relationships with its partners in India, Nepal, China, and Europe. Throughout the process of research and design, an exchange of expertise, the pursuit of beauty and exceptional quality, and a respect for each country and tradition has remained of the utmost importance. Each production circuit is treated with respect and care, and paid regular visits by Toulemonde Bochart. These trips are made to ensure each site complies with international social, labor, and environmental norms and regulations. The company is socially and ecologically ethical; there is no use of child labor, factories comply with standards for wastewater treatment, and a certain percentage of sales are contributed to education and health programs. Thanks to 40 years of intimate collaboration between its production workshops and skilled design teams, each carpet embodies quality craftsmanship and modern aesthetics, showcasing a striking use of color and providing an unquestionable feeling of comfort and durability. Haute Living is very pleased to carry the Toulemonde Bochart line.