RIVA 1920·

RIVA 1920 is an Italian, family-owned business that has been producing timeless, solid wood furniture in Northern Italy for more than three generations. All of the company's products are finished using only oils, beeswax, and vinyl glues without formaldehyde in order to exalt the living and breathable qualities of its natural beauty. The company began in the early 1920s when the family began learning the art of wood carving, an unpredictable, difficult craft. The project continued until 1992, a key turning point for RIVA, when the small studio began collaborating with 30 different designers. It also marked the first year the company exhibited at the Milan Salone del Mobile. RIVA prides itself on finding and working with new woods in artistic, innovative ways that respect the environment. The founders continue to work and produce furniture in the same ways they did as young craftsmen in a studio near their home. RIVA 1920 is an integration of craftsmanship and tradition, with modern design and technology. Its attention to detail and the subtle detailing in its work, are what makes RIVA 1920 one of the most unique furniture producers in the world today. Haute Living is proud to carry these stunning celebrations of wood and design.