Moooi's elegantly eccentric chairs, tables, lamps, and sofas all embody the wit and beauty that the brand has become celebrated for. Moooi was founded in 2001 by Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers and is based off the Dutch word "mooi," which means beautiful. The added "o" in the company's name symbolizes added value in terms of beauty and uniqueness. The company was founded based on a belief that design is motivated by love, and it prides itself on producing timeless pieces that possess a uniqueness of character typically found in antiques and the freshness that modern times and design evokes. Moooi's portfolio consists of designs by Wanders and a range of works from other internationally renowned designers. It creates interiors decorated with a variety of patterns, finishes, and shapes to embrace and enhance any space. We are grateful that Moooi decided to partner with Haute Living in order to bring their modern line to Chicago.

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