Jan Jander's organic forms strive to capture the elegance and beauty of nature through concrete. By casting his simple designs in an ordinarily overlooked material, the poured concrete's intrinsic qualities and simple elegance are highlighted. Less than fifty pieces are made each year, and each piece is handmade to order by Jan Jander and signed in Braille with his initials. Each piece has its own nuances; they blur the lines between sculpture and design. The sculptures are designed to highlight the organic beauty of an unconventional material and to change the viewer's perception of concrete. Unknown to many, concrete is surprisingly unpredictable, creating the distinctness and uniqueness of each work. Jan Jander has a background in architecture and film, which inspires the lamp designs; they are primitive skyscrapers that evoke the softness of light and daybreak and sunset. Haute Living is proud to carry Jan Jander's unique work.